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May 14, 2012


My favorite color is aqua blue heading for peacock blue. (Like a deeper version of my blog background.)

I would love to participate in the "It Takes 2 Quilt Project". My favorite color is smoky purple. Hard to explain so here is the color mix

Hex: #9C8AA5
RGB:156, 138, 165
CMYK:0.055, 0.164, 0, 0.353
HSV:280, 16, 65

You can also view the color here:

Oh so fun and intriguing!!
Too many favorite colors... for this I would say brick red.

Navy blue!

Orange..you know the colors! Hopefully I don't need too much skill to finish the project...

My daughter would love to help with this project. She loves magenta, bubblegum pink, hot pink and any shade of purple.

Oooo, lime green! i'd love to help with this project!

How can one person be so creative AND so generous to share her talents with the rest of us? Let's see, favorite color? So hard to choose one. Maybe burnt orange?

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