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October 01, 2012


Farm games, hm. Needle in a haystack! Catch a greased pig! (I am just joking, but perhaps games could be made of them: finding a toothpick in some hay, or catching a greased...I don't know with that one.)

Bobbing for apples or for apples-on-strings seems farmy.

Check out this site for Farm Party ideas...click on each of the links to see what different families did:


I can't wait to get my invitation! They are super cute.

Corn Hole! Wheelbarrow races/relays (the kind where the kid is the wheelbarrow)! Bobbing for apples! Hands free eating donuts from a string!

Needle in the haystack was EXACTLY where my brain went. I suggested it to Biscuit using a big pile of hay and a really big knitting needle. But she thought it sounded too dangerous :) But now Im thinking haystack COOKIES!

As for greased things....hmm....no.

I guess Biscuit was right--she said we could come up with activities later by just looking on the computer. Cant wait to explore that link. Thanks!

Ooo, or some sort of finding game, for Little Bo Peep losing her sheep!

We are SO bobbing for apples. Love it. Perfect for Fall on the farm. And wheelbarrow races! And what the heck is corn hole? Sounds scary :) And since when are you reading the blog? Hi!!!

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