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March 12, 2013


They're lovely! Olive wood? Any imperfections just make them better.

I'd like to try making spoons. Actually, I'd like for my husband to make me a spoon (with his Welsh heritage, is a Welsh Lovespoon too much to ask?), but he doesn't do any of that stuff. By that stuff, think making things / DIY around the house / anything involving power tools. So, it's up to me. Any tips?

Hey Dawn,
Thanks for the comment and good luck with spoon making.

This one is olive wood that we were given and my husband milled into 1 inch thick slabs that have been drying in our backyard for 2 years or so. As for tips, I learned from him and we rough out the blank spoon shape with a jig saw then I scoop out the spoon with a drill press to rough then a dremel to smooth then a sander on a dremel to smooth more. The handle is done with a spoke shave (and stationary sander) and the back of the spoon is sanded with a stationary sander. Then hand sanding. Kind of a lot of steps and several different tools. Its not hard to make a spoon but it is hard to make a good spoon.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the exciting believed.I really like you web page and think of you often.

We use our spoon from you ALL the time!! Thank you!

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