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July 26, 2015


Ooooo, we had a cat who looked a LOT like that cat. He grew up GORGEOUS: the only cat we've ever had where many people expressed interest in HAVING him. The vet thought he might have some Russian Blue in him.

What a GREAT kitty to already be snuggled up on the kids like that. She looks like the PERFECT family cat.

Hey Swistle,

Thanks for the comment (and on my last post about Costa Rica). I always appreciate you popping in to say something and Im so singularly terrible at responding.

Stormy continues to be super awesome--maybe there is something about gray cats being awesome (someone on instagram said gray cats are best but I assumed they were just being nice).

Hope the job situation continues to improve for you. I have actually enjoyed the updates though have not been great at leaving supportive comments.



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