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March 18, 2007


You are NOT a crappy writer!!! I LOVE your blog!!! You should definitely put yourself out there, you have many talents!

I absolutely adore that bunny lunch box!

Congrats to Mr. H on the article deal...tell him I wish him luck!

And I hope your dad has a safe and wonderful trip...

Just keep trying and it will all work out you will see. I love your stuff. I know the feeling but good things do come you will see.

The bunny lunch box is so cute. They would be great Easter "baskets". We have never used baskets for Easter, I always try to come up with something else. I love the idea. BTW - your blog is on the top of my list to read. Have a great day!

Thanks for the link to etsy. (oh, it didn't work when i clicked on it, but i typed it in without the index.php part and it worked.) Also, cute projects. again, you are inspiring. :) Congrats to Mr. H. Can't wait to see him in print!!!!! Keep me posted.

I'M so glad I found your blog! I love it! AND I love your stuff! Keep pining away... eventually you'll find a show that's great for you! I have been published and blah blah... all those things, and I don't make money either... LOl... and my house is messy too. HA! You should do our handmade parade show! I think the kids stuff will do great there!

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