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June 13, 2007


Personally, I think a and d are distracting as the pattern is just a touch too large for my taste but e is too plain. I love b and c. As for cutting hair, heck, it always grows back so why not! I love getting a lot lopped off, it just lifts my mood immediately. (Though I realize it's traumatic for some folks so don't do it if you're upset by a cut).

I'm in love with A and E. A looks kind of classic and if you have solid walls then I think it will be ok. And is a darker shade of green, so I think it will be awesome.

As for the hair, I don't think I have seen a picture of you completely! So I can't tell.

If you clean your fridge, then I have to clean mine. So, let me know. LOL.

1. b or c are my choices. i like the contrast in color versus another shade of green. and i am not sure i like d.
2. why not. i remember when you did it before and it was really short. lots of layering, though, perhaps. i am in the opposite mode right now. i haven't had long hair in forever so i am growing it all out.
3. um, gross. but i KNOW that i have a similar container in my fridge. i need my boys to leave me alone in order to clean it, too. not going to happen any time soon, i am afraid. :)
"4." where are biscuit and mr. h? Where are you going this weekend. Can i come???

1) I like B the best. But I am sure he will be thrilled with any of them. Did you do the silhouette yourself?

2) If you are able the braid your own hair, don't cut it!!! I ended up cutting mine because the only thing I can do to my own hair is a ponytail. I am really good with other people's hair, but could never do my own. I have always been jealous of people who could braid their own hair!

3) What, sour cream isn't supposed to be green??? Are you sure??? :0)

Have a wondermous Father's Day weekend!!!

1. I actually really like d. It seems to modernize the classic silouhette (not that it necessarily needs it) and the pattern reminds me of Biscuit the most (now don't ask me to explain that - it just does!).
2. When you go short, make sure that you either still pull your hair up or that it's short enough to be off your neck. Summer is coming, and you don't need a permanent shawl. :)
3. Well. I think we use our sour cream more often - when it does get moldy, I usually notice it right away. Other things are less lucky... maybe you can donate it to a budding scientist? ;)

I love d also. Very classy.

If you do cut your hair, donate it. Great Clips will give you a free haircut with a donation to Locks for Love. You only need to donate 10 inches. I recently made my second donation. My hair is a little too short now but it will grow back quickly.

I like a. b and c are alright, I like the pattern of d, but I think it doesn't really work with the silhouette, and d is a little plain, but sometimes plain is good, right?

I'm in a need of a haircut right now, although it's not quite long enough to braid. I need it shorter for the hot summer.

I also had a few green things in my fridge recently. Yum!!

c and d are my faves and yes yes yes cut your hair. I love having short hair. It is a TOM more work though.

I like A the best. But not sure how it would show on a green wall.

Funny, I was daydreaming in a meeting a work and had the exact same thought. Pull the hair back and chop it straight off with some scissors. Or relive the hair cutting scene from 16 Candles. I thought that would be a funny youtube. Then head to the headresser to fix the entire mess!

I have a cup at work with mold growing at a fast clip. I kind like seeing the transformation and I'm too lazy to walk upstairs to the bathroom (since we don't have a sink) to rinse it out. But I'd still throw your stuff away in the fridge.

Have fun in the mountains. Hope you enjoyed the alone time.

oh, and can we see after shots of 1 and 2. not sure i want an after shot of 3. :)

Umm... how did you get a pic of the stuff in my frig??

I say YES to the chop (a new haircut is always due for summer, it seems), and I like B. But you're already off for the weekend! Have a good one!

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