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August 30, 2007


how about basketweaving. my MIL has tons of baskets she made in her house. looks like it might be fun

Have you tried candle-making?

My vote is for quilling...easy to pull out, fun results, and Biscuit could even try her own variation on the theme.

origami? jewelery making? or a craft you've tried before but taking it from a totally new angle. For instance one year I tried to work out how thick a silver threads I could comfortably knit with without breaking my needles. I then made lots of sample squares with different types of wire, different thickness of needles and sometimes added some string knit together as yarn or some proper yarn; I also added some gems stones. Some of the results were amazing:) Think cool silver thread and warm fuzzy white mohair yarn interspersed with quartz "gems"... I've also knitted with old cut up clothes before and made a big rug. I think it's just trying to find new ways of looking at materials; being it an "industrial craft" or a "domestic craft". Oh and you said something about cooking: I think that's a great idea. Cooking can be really experimental (like chemistry;) but also there's lots of techniques to try out or things you've never tried to make from scratch. It probably would be fun if you were two...try to think about the most unimaginable thing you're ever likely to cook yourself and go from there. Or think about something that's hard for you to come across as a finished product. For me; the next thing I want to teach myself to make are Indian sweets:) Otherwise I always try to make 2 new recipes a week I've never tried...it's too easy to get stuck in a rut if I don't; it also exposes me to new things I didn't know whether I would like or not. Sorry for the long post but this is something I'm excited about:) Have you tried dying yarn/fabric by the way? I just tried the cool aid method on yarn the other day and it was so much fun:)

All the best,

How about beading? You could do loom beading or peyote stitching, or just stringing beads on regular or stretchy string. Lots of fun, and I think most bead shops have classes.

Have you ever tried glass engraving? You can buy cheap engraving tools that look like a pen, only with a diamond tip. Only problem is it can take a while. For instance, if you're shading in, you don't use pressure and scratch the glass, instead you just lightly run the point over the surface again and again and again and again and... you get the idea.

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