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September 01, 2007


The blocks and the bag are just lovely! Thank goodness you didn't cut the wrong thing. An old friend of mine is missing a thumb from just such an accident. He deals with it but I'm sure it's not fun.

Those blocks are beautiful! The bag is beautiful! The combination is breathtaking! I can't STAND your ideas, they are TOO MUCH for my mathy, non-creative brain!

Cute bag and the blocks might just be easier/safer to buy, eh? Hope the heat dies down. We are having a couple of "cool" days, thankfully.

They are great-both the bag and the blocks-and they will be a treasure for years to come. Someday, Biscuit's little Biscuits will be playing with them (not that you want to think about that yet:)!

I adore the bag the blocks go in, so cute! Where did you get the wood grain fabric?

what a great idea using cherry tree limbs for blocks!

What a cute idea-the blocks and the bag. Thank goodness you didn't loose a limb (yours anyway!:) )

Very cute! If your cherry tree ever needs more pruning, you should make some blocks to sell. (Or maybe it's not worth risking bodily harm?)

love the bag!

damn! cute bag and lovely idea!

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