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October 03, 2007


Wow. That is an impressive 48 hours.

Do you realize how humbling it is for me to read your blog? I have NO IDEA how you do it all: the work, the parenting, the dishes (ugh! handwashing dishes! barf!), the CRAFTS.

I am in *love* with that map quilt. Love it.

Hi Mrs. H! Laura told me about your blog a while ago and every once in a while I check in...it is really nice to be able to get a sense of how things are going with you guys! I LOVE seeing the pics of Biscuit because she's so freakin cute. Maybe we'll see you guys around the holidays?

Hi there! So nice to chat with you last night--see you at Handmade Parade! Lovely, lovely little quilt...

I really love that quilt too!! Just checking up on your goings on. You are just so crafty! And that scarf is cute to boot. Now how do you hide those little ends??

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