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December 31, 2007


A hat, definitely a hat. poor kid! glad, for the moment, that I have short-haired munchkins in my house. :) Also, can't wait to hear about the serger -- I am, and have been in the market for one and just haven't been able to get enough feedback from people -- would rather real life experiences than a salesperson's take. Since I have not done my research, Santa hasn't bought me one, though he has tried. maybe next year?!

My daughter's hair looks like that most days. I can spend ages trying to tame it after bath time, but she'll insist on running her hands through it the wrong way. I've given up.

Try having a kid with affro curls and then talk to me about knots and bed head!! I brush through conditioner so she has tight Leo Sayer hair. Sad but true.

Ah, tangly hair. Brings back my childhood memories of Johnson and Johnson No More Tangles Spray. :)

sauve detangle shampoo and also spray on detanglers really help.

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