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December 29, 2007


The sheep must be a Urial (thank you San Diego Zoo). I'm guessing the bird is a Nightingale. I think Fisher-Price was reaching a little bit on these two letters!

Guess you didn't save the box, eh? Squeaker got this from santa... yes, nightingale and urial. Also, biscuit almost got this last christmas... so glad i saved you from the noise, oh the noise!!! our batteries will be dead very soon, i am positive.

"Urial" is REALLY REACHING. And..."Xray fish"?

We have that fridge phonics toy, too. I'll be in the shower or doing laundry, and I'm thinking "Every letter makes a sound, the t says TUH!"

Oh, my neice has this. I thought it was broken too when we opened it, but the toy was just set to "test" mode. Look on the back near the battery area (i think) and pull out the little strip whcih will activate the other letters.

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