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July 12, 2008


That is the coolest thing ever....I wonder if it would work for international mail.
I'm sure the posties were laughing their heads off every time your parcel moved through the delivery chain!

Swistle sent met over. Great cutting board!Random fact about me? It's my first time at your blog. Hello!

Great cutting board. Random fact about me: I love taking photos.

Great cutting board. Random fact about me: I love taking photos.

No WAY. You just put a stamp on it?

Not-so-random-fact. I wish I was on a preserving kick. But my garden is a huge time consuming flop and my dreams of bounty have been slashed by clay filled soil and lack of rain. Bah humbug. So I am supremely jealous. Pickles! Oh, I wish.

pick me! pick me! pick me!

Random fact: squash is my very favorite veg ever. Yum!

I am terrified of heights (can't even climb on a chair to get something out of my cupboards comfortably), but LOVE to watch people climbing, on highwires, etc. Crazeeee, I know.

Ok, that is way cool! My issue of course is that I cut fruit on my garlic/onion cutting board by accident sometimes. Not something I'd recommend btw. I love how you did this!

And umm random fact? I refuse to get a new driver's license and just update my address online as needed because I'm too cheap to pay the (unnecessary) $10.

How cool is that?
I can't believe it went through the mail unwrapped. Awesome!
It looks great. What a great way to tell boards apart. I would absolutely love one. My hubby has trouble remembering that he shouldn't mix the boards.

Random fact: I love Depeche Mode! :)

I have a freckle in the middle of the bottom my foot. Weird, huh? Random. And, I don't own a wood cutting board. I really need one. Enough said :)!

That is so cool! I need to start canning again.

That is so cool! I need to start canning again.

It's a beautiful board, Melissa, and only YOU would mail it as-is! (I think it's quite amusing..)

What a great idea for a cutting board! Cute AND logical!
Strange factoid: I love having curly hair because it gives me license not to have to style it.

What a great idea! Love that you mailed it as is, never would have thought of that.

Random fact: I bake a mean pumpkin pie. Also, I prefer to say "liberry" instead of "library", but I like to say "February" instead of "Febuary"

Hi! Random fact: I can't wait til school starts in September.

Great cutting board!

Random fact: I love the smell of fresh cut grass.

Lovely board! Random fact--I don't own a non-metal pot.

What a great idea! I'm kind of late on this (behind in my blog reading). I guess I need one of those feed reader things we talked about the other day! Anyway, just wanted to say that the cutting board and the way you mailed it was very cool & I had a great time the other night!

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