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September 18, 2009


Okay, I am a beginner with ceramics of any sort, but... I made "pirate medallions" for my son's 1st bday out of terra cotta with black underglaze over it. I etched drawings on them. I was going to make them into necklaces and give them to the party-goers as favors. I was in a community ceramics class, and made them about a month in advance so they'd be sure to be fired, etc. in time. Well, a week before I found out they STILL hadn't been fired... I had my friend fire them at the last minute for me with a load in her kiln and she over-fired them so they puffed up and got bubbly, and the terra cotta showing through the black got REALLY dark... basically, you couldn't see much of what I'd etched. So, yours are a bazillion times better than mine, but I definitely feel your pain!! (here's a photo of the only one I can find now - it's one of the better ones in that you can actually kind of read it, and it doesn't have a bubble in the middle. My son used to play with them like money, and stuck them into slots all over the place, so I have no idea where most of them are... or I threw them away. http://twitpic.com/iasj3)

Also, I had never considered the Etsy issue of photographing the backs of items, but it's definitely a good point!

I don't think your pieces are that bad, either, by the way! :) I just saw this technique for knotting a pendant with a bead that might look neat with some of the house-shaped ones: http://www.craftleftovers.com/blog/archives/1848

Okay, thanks for joining me on my journey... ha ha! :)

Your post (and my epic comment to it) inspired me to post my piratical craftfail in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day! http://craftfail.com/?p=643

Heather--that tutorial is awesome--thanks! I had thought about using cording
but couldn't figure out the clasp and that solves the issue. Yay.

On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 7:38 AM, wrote:

Yay, glad I could help! :)

I like the square one you were thinking about trying for a ring. I think it would make a very cool pendant.

Glazes are difficult... hit or miss!

I like the long skinny one or the green disk in the 3rd to the last photo you posted (in the bottom of the frame).

I like the green disk and the brown paisley. I think they'd be cool with a bail.

The one time I tried ceramics (in college) I found the process incredibly frustrating. First, I suck at ceramics. I can't ever execute what's in my head. Second, the cool glaze colors I picked out never were what I'd thought they'd be. I admire you for giving it a go, Melissa! (Also, like that you photographed them in your cast iron skillet. So creative!)

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