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September 24, 2009


That was seriously the best post. Love it!

Yay Portland! When you come, you should totally visit Knittn' Kitten, our craft thrift store (http://knittnkitten.com)!


p.s. I have passport renewal paperwork all ready for myself & 2 sons (new passports for them), but the application fee definitely isn't in the budget for 3 at the moment, to say nothing about the $ for international travel!!

I totally went to Kittn Kitten last time I was in Portland. Which reminds me
I need to make something out of the awesome fabric I got there. It's such a
cool store.

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 6:02 AM, wrote:

Would love to see Julie and Julia with you if you don't mind a tag along on Tuesday, lemme know. I want that playhouse in a grown-up version, freakin' awesome!!!

Awww, I want to see Julie and Julia! Can you believe I still haven't?!?

Umm. Powell's is AMAZING! So jealous you're going to P-town. When are you going? And do you need a good hotel deal? :)

You're my hero for posting so many days in a row. I've been DRAINED and so uninspired. Ugg. Maybe I'll try and post daily in Oct. Or Nov. :)

I can't even manage to post once a week.

We just renewed my son's passport. I can see why so many Americans don't do foreign travel. As well as the high passport fee, I was wondering why I also had to give money to a really grumpy lady at the Post Office for what seemed to be no apparent reason, except that she witnessed us signing the form.

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