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September 25, 2009


That's the pumpkin patch my parents always used to take us to (me and my sister). My parents had this stupid rule that we couldn't get a pumpkin bigger than we could carry. lol. Do they still have the tire swing and hay rides? maybe I'll take Darryl this year ;)

That's my kind of random too!!! How beautiful! Our local pumpkin patch is almost 2 hours away from us and won't be open til late due to our recent heavy rains. We went a loooong time ago and now that the kids are nearly grown I don't know if they'd want to go again, although they love going to get a Christmas tree every year.

Yes! It's the same place (the owner used to run it and now he is so old he's
leasing it out--this year to our friends) They will have a hayride (I think
there will be a small fee). I believe I know where you're talking about for
the tire swing but it's a wood disk type swing. I tried it and it was fun!

On Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 1:13 PM, wrote:

I live about 2 seconds away from Pumpkin Hill, so I'll be sure to take the kids someday soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

I am SO excited this place will be open again! I run a small in home daycare and am planning a trip there in the next couple weeks and I'm just so happy! I wish the hours were somewhere....I caught a flyer on a myspace page, but no hours. I am wondering if they're open on columbus day, guess we will find out! Thanks so much for the post!

could you please include the telephone number of pumpkin hill?
its the first website we come to when we type in p.h.

Pumpkin Hill's phone # is 916-966-4111. We went out there today and it was very nice. I run a pumpkin website and they have offered to allow me to take many photos of their farm for my site. If I get the time anyways. ;)

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