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November 22, 2009


1. Sun!

2. Present!

3. Christmas tree!

4. Star of David!

5. Apple cross-section (I like to see the cute seeds)! ( <---teacher gift)

6. Flag!

7. Birdie!

8. Peace sign!

9. Flower!

10. Single initials! (This was Paul's idea.)

11. Paul also suggests LOLspeak: LOL, OMG, WTH.

12. "HI!"

13. Initials of (in colors of) local school and sports teams.

14. '10 (as in "Class of")

15. String of Christmas lights.

Wow, Melissa, I LOVE these! I'm a big fan of embroidery on non-traditional surfaces ;) Love the images so far...hmmm...simplistic birdie or owl? I like the idea of wood rings. A jewel? I guess that's all I've got. I'll be back if I come up with something good!

Swistle, great ideas! Im glad to see youre following your own contest entry guidelines (enter as many times as possible). I think you are almost sure to win. I especially like Pauls idea as well as the apple if I can do that level of detail, the sun and the bird. Initials would be awesome but would have to be done custom (maybe to sell online rather than at a craft show?).

Amy, great ideas! I was toying with the idea of a jewel (inspired by Elsie for sure).

I immediately thought of a sun. Also, what if you did it like those old timey alphabet blocks... i love the look of those - simple objects and letters.
ooohhh... and a soccer ball. come on, a little challenge, but you can do it. :)

They're really cool. How about initials?

I adore the little snail, and I love the rainbow (sense a theme here?).
I don't really have any ideas (it's late!), but as far as the issue with drawing abilities goes, I'd recommend googling kids' coloring pages.
Now, did I win something? :)

These are so cute! My favs are the snowflake and the heart. I can picture these being used as simple ornaments for the tree, maybe with a felt backing and a little hole on top for hanging.

As for other design ideas... How about single letters strung together as banners/garlands to spell out "J-O-Y" or

Deb--I LOVE the garland idea although it would be quite expensive to produce--I think Id need some bigger wood as well but if i can find the wood Im going to try that!

Thanks so much (Ill keep you posted!)

Hi! I love the snowflake and snail, so nicely done! I also like the letter/word ideas I've read in the comments. Maybe numbers too, for birthdays (put them on a cakepick or on a birthday necklace/hat/shirt with a clasp).
Or a simple house and make it a keychain!

Id have to use a super sturdy/thick piece of wood (and hope it would be durable enough) but I LOVE they keychain idea. and the numbers! Keep the ideas coming everyone.

Amy thanks for the idea it seems pretty interesting.Hope to see few more new ideas.

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