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March 21, 2010


Sounds like you did great! Your display really really looked good. If you sold 7 pendants than I don't think they were priced too high at all! at least 7 people didn't think so. lol. I had someone complain about a $12 headband the other day. People forget that we actually make the stuff. I thought "Um, sorry. This isn't Forever 21." Oh well. Anyway, everything looked really great and I love the vases too. thank you for the pendant - I owe you!

I don't suppose they're having another IndieSac type thing towards the end of April, are they? - I'll be up that way some time around then.

PS. I really love the look of all those laser engraved things. You could make coasters and magnets and buttons and ring trays and drawer pulls and tree ornaments and bookmarks (can you engrave wood that thin?) and things like that, if you want other unisex things. Does it work on premade wood things, like a ready made wood box? Ok, I need to stop imagining engraving all the wood surfaces in my house and put these kids to bed...

UK Lass, I wish there was another one in April but Amy (aka Peptogirl) whos been planning them has said this is her last one unless theres another third party (like the museum) who will host. Getting insurance and proper licensing for this type of show was getting too prohibitive. Bummer, huh?  If youre in the region April 17 its Picnic Day at UC Davis which is always a good time....

Love the rings! Totally would have snatched up one of those myself if I had been there. (I'm wearing one of your necklaces right this very instant!) Congrats!

it makes me so happy that youre wearing the necklace. Thanks for telling me!!

yayyyyi bought one of these lovely rings ♥♥ Super cute!

Thanks, CMonster! Im so glad you like it!

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