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June 14, 2010


Oh my gosh, kill me with cuteness!!! When you first had mentioned this quilt I sent a link to my sis who loves vintage stuff. She said she had a dream about the quilt... ha!

I love that you wrote out a pattern and I will click over to your Etsy. Thank you for sharing the love. I am so inspired by your innovative work!

That is such a great quilt, Melissa! Your second photo brought a smile to my face. My parents had the sheets with the orange butterflies in the green grass when I was a kid. When moved into a new house in 1979 those sheets served as curtains for many months- or maybe longer.

That green and butterfly sheet must have been a popular one. I have a tote bag made from the same sheet and it gets a lot of comments. :)

Becca Banana,
Thanks so much for the sweet comment. Inspiring a dream--that is pretty cool--hope it wasnt a nightmare!

Absolutely gorgeous. This is just wonderful.

Hi, I just stumbled on your blog post and I LOVE your quilt idea! I would like to buy the pattern, but I am wondering where you found the old sheets? I think it will take too much fabric unless I can find the vintage sheets (which look awesome). Anyway, thanks for the post and if I can find some sheets, I will definitely be back!

Hi Chelsea,
Thanks for the compliment. I find all my old sheets at thrift stores (like Goodwill). They dont have to be in perfect condition for this project (you could work around a stain or tear) but they shouldnt be threadbare. I pay $2-5/sheet and youll need at least 5-7 depending on the size quilt you want to make.


Oh my stinkin' cuteness!!! I LOVE this idea! I imagine you could somehow use the idea for a shower curtain or a window curtain as well! So sweet!!!! I linked this post to my blog today to share the idea with others. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Thanks so much, Kiley! I appreciate the shout out on your blog as well. Just as an fyi I do sell the pattern/instructions for this quilt in my etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/people/haworth in case anyone is interested.

:) Melissa

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