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July 03, 2010


I can't BELIEVE how stunning that looks!!

Wow, Biscuit is a lucky girl! That dresser is amazing!

I did that with my daughters endtables last year. I still have yet to complete the dresser, of course

they came out really cute!

Super cute!!!

Ahhh, the ideas are brewing over here!

How cute is that!!! LOVE it!! I linked to your project over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


so cute! i've been wondering how to do this to similar things (ie storage boxes?? :D)

This is really cute!! I have to ask; where do you find vintage sheets or fabric? I cannot seem to find any :o(

I wonder how long before the mod podge starts to let go and the fabric starts coming off the drawers...Please let us know when and if that does happen. The whole effect is beautiful!

I find all my sheets at the local thrift stores but I do think theyre becoming more scarce lately as more folks find fun projects to do with sheets.

Good luck on your search!

Good point about longevity. Im not certain but this dresser has been in use for a few months ago (I did it back in March or so) and its still in great shape. I actually think the sheets will get dirty/scuffed before the mod podge fails. It will be hard to clean scuffs off the sheets.

You might be able to seal the whole thing with acrylic spray (or lacquer?) but it wasnt worth it to me on such a quick-n-dirty project.


Anne, thanks for the link. How had I not discovered your blog before? Its great!

Found you via Craft Gossip. This is really great! Well done!

I never would have thought of doing that. I'll have to finish by grandkids dresser when they move it their new house. Thanks for the idea.

I am 35 and I would personally love that dresser in my bedroom if I didn't already have my grandparent's antique dresser occupying the tiny space. What a great project! (and I love the accompanying quilt - ruffles?!?!! So great!)

have you submitted this to mod podge rocks yet? if not, you should!

Very Pretty!

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Yay! I love it. The good news is that the cloth won't ever come off. That is why Mod Podge is so awesome!

Very cute idea. I wish my daughter was still living at home. I would have done this for her room. :)

okay. my stomach is doing flip flops! I LOVE this!!!! and the quilt!! Do you have a post about the quilt?!
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so glad you like the project. Here is a link to a post about the quilt. Note that the post has a link to another post also about the quilt. I love the quilt and couldnt stop talking about it in the blog ;) http://underconstructionblog.typepad.com/under_construction/2010/06/ruffle-quiltthe-pattern.html


Nice job. I too was wondering if you couldn't spray some type of product that would help repel stains or dirt on the fabric. You can spray shoes why not the sheets? Will check out your blog again for more creative ideas. Elaine

Very cool! I think you just gave me a good reason to keep a dresser after we're done with the nursery- hooray! Love your blog!

I love it! It really brightened up that piece didn't it?

Hugs XX

I love this! very cool in deed! [and you have to lose a vintage sheet project!]

What a great idea. I have a dresser that needs a little something done to in decoupage wise. I may just try with wall paper.


I really love what you have done to that dresser. It's beautiful and funky. You have transformed it in to a completely new and fancy looking dresser.

It looks really adorable! What a frugal way of remodeling an old dresser! I love your idea. I will try my best to do the same too.

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