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January 26, 2011


Very cool! So if the layer underneath is a different color/pattern it will peel off and show the original surface..... very cool! Would spray paint be too strong an overcoat? So many neat possibilities!

Becca, I had thought about painting the paper then frisket then more paint (like a Ukranian egg dye) but after using it I think it would peel off the first layer of paint. as for spray paint, a very, very light layer might work (almost an airbrush look) but I think a solid coat of spray paint might make the frisket impossible to peel. watercolor was definitely what was recommended and it was a bit more tricky to work with than I expected after reading the book but very doable. Stirring the frisket better might also help.

So neat, I adore the sampler idea. The boys and I did a variation of this on t-shirts. Our "frisket" was flour and water, mixed to a paste and put in an empty condiment squeeze bottle. Pipe the mix on a shirt and let it dry (it gets rock hard) then use fabric spray paints or paints to decorate over the design. Once the paint is dry you just pop off the flour mix and voila, you've got your design on the original shirt color. It was very exciting for the boys, and super cheap!

Christy--that sounds super cool! Ill have to try it and I love a bargain project!

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