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February 25, 2011


My first born did the same thing with the pain in the upper (left) quadrant of my belly. I can still feel it when I think about it. Ouch. Didn't get better for me, so hope it is not the case with you.

Diapers. yah, get some of those. also, cloth?

Love your cravings.... and wine, I never craved, but a friend craved beer and wine. She wasn't a big wine drinker anyway... hmmm.

Sorry about the upright sitting...zantac? that was me and my second born. who, surprisingly had GERD, so be prepared.

Mouthful of bile=yum. Have you tried putting a toss pillow under the head of your mattress? It makes the bed a little lopsided, but it saved me in my last pregnancy.

Whew! I was so worried with the "Didn't think so" that it meant you WEREN'T going to talk about it, because my answer to your title was "YES!!!"

I love the updates, personally! My attitude with baby #2 was the same... why bother getting anything ready, it will all come together and we'll figure things out.

> cracked me up!

above I meant...
"imagine belly shot here" cracked me up!

Congrats, again! I love the way you tell stories. Your blog always make me laugh (in a good way). I'm sure Biscuit will be a big help. Take care!

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