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March 06, 2011


Looking at those pictures makes me think that it really wouldn't be unreasonable for me to drive the - what, six or eight-ish hours - to your house for some afternoon tea/pie/ice cream.

Except by the time you arrive itll be gone :) Were down to two (largish) pieces and they have dessert written all over them!!!

OMG that looks good!!! Can Biscuit make one for me next time?

Good Job B!!!!!
You are going to make the best older sibling ever...full of knowledge, grace, beauty and with the best Mommy to boot.


Wow! My pie dough never looks that good! I'm either going to go to Smitten Kitchen for instruction or just have Biscuit show me how!

Susan--Smitten Kitchen all the way and really, really leave the butter lumps--5 year old (short) attention span when blending in the butter was perfect --the lumps helped!

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