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March 28, 2011


You have sure been inspired! Very cute idea for the baby room.

I'd love to hear more about those frames! How did you create them?

Super simple--I used discarded corrugated cardboard (boxes from the grocery store) and traced rectangles/ovals the sizes I needed in pencil. Cut out with an exacto then decorated with a permanent black pen. Cut out another rectangle/oval for the back and taped the art to it then double stick taped on the front. Not archival, no glass, just very, very simple. But i like how they look ;)

What a fun extension on watercolor painting. I think I'll let my little ones cut some shapes of their own, and then do the building. Great idea!

Thanks, Jillian. It was super fun and having the little ones cut the shapes would be awesome. My kid had more fun doing her horse and tree scene (in the photo of all the final projects) than she did with the blocks. I was the bigger fan of the more organized blocks.

Happy painting!

These turned out lovely! Other than the cutting, it's something even a young child can do, and have it turn out great! Love the frames as well.


I absolutely love this!!! Thank you! : )

Remind me or Eric Carle! :) Love this!

Great ideas and tutorial for kids. Love it, thanks for sharing

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