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August 25, 2011


Whoops!! It sounds like she did alright even though you forgot her.

I forgot about our early dismissal day too... luckily my neighbor reminded me in time. I guess we need to have an emergency back up plan in place. :)

Glad it all worked out and now you will ALWAYS remember.... even though you don't have to!

I didn't even know about yesterday being an early day. My Mom got the call and rushed to pick up Casey. I was a bit upset that a gentle reminder to parents without older siblings wasn't created. Oh well, it won't happen again! You a rocking mama! Hugs, Nora

Ha ha ha! Been there, done that. Although mine was for second grade, in the middle of the year, so I really should have known better. Oh well, every once in a while we deserve a hall pass for not keeping every ball in the air!

A hall pass! exactly!

Try melting jolly ranchers for the suckers...we were a big fan as kids

That is a great idea! doing that next time.

They have a supervised playground 'til 3.30pm at my kids' school and the kids just get turfed out to the playground at the end of the school day. So, the first time that I forgot early day (yes, I forgot more than once) I drove to the school in a mad panic, scared that my son might have just wandered out the school gates or something. He was happily playing with his friends and was disappointed that I had shown up to take him home.

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