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November 28, 2011


You are quite the inspiration! On the leaves: are you familiar with Andy Goldsworthy's work? (little video below) So so cool.


The advent idea is so cute, what a fun gift for those families and I like the color-coded pull strings so much. :)

Wow, that video was cool--he was sticking together the ice with water! The leaves! The rock thing in the ocean! I didnt know of that artist in particular but I love temporary nature art. I really dont have the patience (or talent!) to make it myself but I always think that would be cool (raking only took about 20 minutes and keeping Oscar outside and in the ergo was the only thing that would keep him happy today so I had the time).

Oh wow, fantastic idea with the packages - so neat.

Thanks, Deirdre! You still have time to make some for your house :)

Wow. I am so impressed. What a thoughtful gift! I want a box of little treasures to open each day!!

well, treasures might be stretching it but something fun anyway :)

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