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November 04, 2011


Ooooooooo, I LOVE this one. It's so pretty, like petals. I think against a bright door, I might leave it plain, especially in January when it's sad to take the Christmas decorations down but I don't want to leave them up either. But I think I might like some little colorful things on it if I put on a plainer door---or maybe on the colorful door, too! But I don't know WHAT little colorful things. This is the kind of situation where I'm all "I dunno, little ornaments or something?" and then you think of something I would never have thought of and I sit back in awe.

It is light and airy looking... reminds me of spring. So, I vote some sort of flower or bow for Easter time. Of course... I could also see some berries on it for winter.

It's beautiful! If it stays on a white wall (or door), it needs color IMO. :)

What if you added some (or one) glittery snowflakes or a silvery ribbon bow? Would that make it look cheesy? I like it, but think it needs a little something more... If you are trying to keep the snowy look, silver? Otherwise, jingle bells, or??? I'll keep thinking.

Love it! For color, just maybe hang it with a red ribbon? Just a thought..

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