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November 06, 2011


Oh my goodness, that is a lovely (and I bet comfy) jacket!!!

You ARE super brave to make such special things for your girl. My oh-so-picky 4 year old irks me when we just BUY something and she then refuses to wear it or hates the way it feels or thinks it's a BOY color now... grr. :)

Oh dont I know! Biscuit has refused 95% of what Ive made her (the primary exception being a seriously ugly knit shirt shes worn as a dress then shirt then pjs since she was TWO). But I figured the only risk in this was my time since the materials were sitting unused. And she mostly rejects due to comfort rather than style so the lining was key. Oh, and the only pants shell wear are polka dot leggings. Cute, eh? ;)

Super cute!

thanks! Im currently bribing her to wear it to school :)

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