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December 19, 2011


How exciting! I saw this book in the store, looked through it, and had NO idea your project was in it. Yay!

So excited! I would love to win this!

I started looking through your blog trying to find the post that originally drew me to your site. I had done a google search for a free sewing pattern of some sort and one of your posts popped up and I've been reading ever since. I can't recall the original post - but I realized I've been reading since 2008! It's almost creepy - I've been reading about the life of a stranger who's first name I'm not even sure of for almost four years! The internet is a strange and wonderful place.

At any rate, I've been collecting fabric from Freecycle and the free section in Craigslist recently and have a ton of fabric that I don't really know what to do with - how do I work with tulle? What do I do with this thin, shimmery stuff? Brown velvet and yellow...linen? This book would be a big help, and because the fabric was free and I have lots of it I don't feel wasteful experimenting.

I enjoy reading about your garden and crafts, thanks for the blog. Happy holidays!

Sounds like fun!

Wow! That is a really thick sewing book! 415 pages you say, that would certainly help me put my fabric collecting to good use!

i am also wicked lazy and not good at following patterns at all, but my resolution is to be better about both- so this could help me! plus, i have a lot of 1 yard cuts to use up...

Congrats for being in the book. I don't have a flat screen yet but when I get one I'll know where to look for a cover pattern.

Congratulations on being published!!!! I can't wait to see the book. Happy sewing and crafting!

What a fun book!

excited to see the book! Thanks!

I like following a pattern and then figuring out what I would do or like to do different. For me it's part of my creative process I guess. So yeah, I'd love to win the book.

What an adorable book! Congrats on being included.

This looks a great book! It must be so exciting for you to have your work included.

Oye! Im with you. Having the complicated patterns be surrounded by simpler ones makes me happy! =)

I would love to with this because I know that Santa did not pick this title out for me!

I'm am dying to get my hands on this book! Thanks for the giveaway! liz.taylor24@yahoo.com

I really like patterns, so this is really cool for me!
Thanks for the chance!

This looks wonderful--I love that there are patterns included. :)

This one is definitely on my wishlist! Full sized patterns are a bonus!

Looks like a good book and the concept is spot on for shall I call myself a fabric collector

I am always buying just one yard of some fabric

THis would help my stash problem

I would love love love to win! Such an awesome book :)

Congrats on getting your project published! Must be so cool to see your stuff in print. :o)

You're famous! How exciting.
I'd love to win this book as a post-Christmas gift for myself... fingers crossed!

Congratulations! I'd love to win this book. Thank you ;) mamalusco at ortelco dot net

Ohhh~ I'd love to make something from this book :)

I was thinking in buying it! I think is awesome.

Thanks for the chance to win!


Congratulations on being included in the book - what an accomplishment. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

I love all the projects in this book!

This is wonderful! What a great accomplishment! Congrats!

Woo to the hoo! Congrats!

This really looks like a great book. I'm putting it on my birthday wish list!

Congrats! Looks like a great book to have in my sewing room. Happy Holidays.

I know it must be SO exciting to be published in a book like this! Congratulations!! :-) (Oh, and you can *never* use too any exclamation points for something so wonderful!!! :-) Thank you for giving us a chance to win a copy of our very own! :-)

It looks so interesting--I'll have to keep my eye out for it. Congratulations in getting your project published!

This book looks great! Such a wonderful concept :) Hope I win:)

Hope I win!! This book looks like a lot of fun

Long post but worth it! :O)

Congratulations on getting your project published! What a great looking book! I'd love some new patterns! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

So who won? :)

Congrats on being published (again!). If the contest is over, then hooray for the winner. If it's not, count me in!!

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