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February 21, 2012


That is super cute!
Are those 5 rows of random strips or did you say they are assembled in squares first and then attached as rows?
Love all your projects. :)

I made the blog! :) Thanks again for the wonderful day, and your patience with teaching me how to sew and quilt. I love the quilt and know the baby will too.

It's beautiful!

Love it, Melissa. I'm not much for tedious instructions, either!

Hi Becca,
We did create the quilt in squares (I think they were 11 inches each each but she was doing all the work so Ive already forgotten). Looking at it yes, we could have done 5 long strips and it would have wasted less fabric but it would have been a lot harder to keep it all straight and even. If I was doing it again Id probably do squares again. it was 4 squares wide by 5 tall so 20 blocks.

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