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April 16, 2012


WHOA! This requires no sewing, just following some mysterious instructions?

I'm IN! How exciting!

No sewing at all! glad youre in :)

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I am intrigued!

Melissa, you are absolutely amazing! Who would think this up AND share it with the world? Not only creative, talented, adventurous (I could go on and on) but generous too! Count me in sister!

Would this be fun to do with the kids? We love projects (and quilts)!

Wow! This looks awesome!!! I would love, love, love to win this and would FOR SURE take some awesome pics!

Yes, it would be fun with kids. I did the prototype with my six year old.

How crazy fun!! Would love to play! Thanks for the opportunity!! Nancy

I would love to win this and share this experience with my four little adopted kids.. this is an amazing idea and my hats off to you for your hard work and thoughtfulness..

Beautiful work, can't wait to see all the wonderful things you create. I hear through my beautiful niece Shelley weekly about your creative ways. Looking forward to meeting you.
Aunt Linda

Alright. I'm a little scared, but it seems creative and we need some fun around here. I'm in! (And if I win, I'll even meet you somewhere so you don't have to ship.)

Count me in!

I think my preschool group would love this art experiment. They like to have their pictures taken too and we could display it at school! Beth

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