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September 29, 2014


It was so different! I remember going through stages starting with first feeling like I SHOULDN'T comment on people's posts, because it would seem like I was barging into a private conversation of people who already knew each other. There was also a stage where things went to the opposite extreme: I remember feeling as if I really SHOULD comment on any post I read. As a blogger, I remember feeling like I had to follow anyone who commented and had a blog link (THAT got impractical fast!). I also remember thinking of posts as successful in terms of how many comments they got: that is, a less successful post got fewer comments. Now I can judge really only the controversy level: more controversial posts get more comments.

I remember when you explained how you thought you shouldn't comment on blogs and I JUST realized that this is how I feel on Twitter. Always as though I'm interrupting. Maybe I'm not.

And, for me, it is TOTALLY still practical to follow all links but i don't always. Because I am lame.

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