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September 27, 2015


Cover #2 is my favorite. I liked #1 a lot for pure visual appeal, but #2 gives me a better feeling for what the book involves, and the three small pictures draw attention and clarity to the subtitle.

Cover #5 is a close second. I like the way that one really makes it clear that these are toys to MAKE. (I would have liked #6 for this reason, except that for some reason it took me a long time to understand what the cover was showing me.)

I liked how cover #3 linked the word "super" of "Super Toys" to the cape, but the ropes holding up the swing look unsecured in a way that gave me an uncomfortable feeling that the child was going to fall. (I might like it better if the ropes went all the way up to the top of the cover. But then I start to think it's a book of superhero-themed toys.)

thanks, swistle!!

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Favorites: #1 and #3
They are both very simple, grab the eye, and emphasize the purpose (subtitle) quite well. :)

I have to agree with commenter above, that #5 does the best job of showing it is a book of DIY projects. I just didn't feel like it impacted me visually -- and the title / subtitle boxes do not stand out in combo with the other pictures.

You are doing GREAT work! I enjoy seeing the process.

Thanks, Becca! Im surprised the results are actually pretty consistent. I appreciate you weighing in.


I like #2!

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